What’s Your Boiling Point?

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It's common knowledge that a frog will remain in a container of water that is being brought slowly to a boil. In fact, the frog will remain there until the temperature gets high enough to cause death. While we humans may be quick to exclaim, "Stupid frog, leap out of the water," before we pride ourselves on our "intelligence" and demean the poor frog for it's apparent lack thereof, we ought to suspend judgment of our fellow creation and try to see things from a more honest perspective.

While we might certainly jump out of a jacuzzi that gets too hot, how long would we remain in other harmful situations? How long would we remain in a negative relationship without attempting any form of proactive strategy for it's improvement? How long would we get up and repeat the same daily routine with full knowledge that it is not the optimal routine for us? How long would we indulge in the same hurtful habits only to be rewarded by fleeting emotional condolences that are purely chemical by nature? How long would we remain in any self-destructive state of mind that encourages a lack of self-confidence and autonomy in life?

Just like boiling water to a frog, all of the above scenarios induce human death in subtle increments and allowing their perpetuation is actually much less excusable for homo sapiens. Unlike the frog, we are often fully aware of a given situation's toxicity to our lives and still remain complacently in that situation's midst for fear of change.

What's your boiling point?


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  2. jim


    Not being a believer in free will, I suppose we’re all condemned to boil until, and if, our wiring bails us out. And being an antinatalist, I think our best course would be to stop bearing tadpoles in this, the cauldron of our origin. In other words, what if they gave a bbq, and nobody came?
    Sorry for hogging your blog today…day off.
    Thanks for the space-jim

  3. cl


    No hogging perceived; thoughtful comments are more than helpful to the testing of ideas. When I was recovering from surgery this year I did the same for like a full month. I’m down for it; I’m even entertained by obvious trolls at times. BTW, I’ve been checking out your blog and some of its links as well. I never knew there was an actual movement behind this idea of non-reproduction. I think about it a lot, whether I want to bring a child into this world. I see some validity in the idea, but as usual, I also see validity in its competitor.

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