A Word About The Blog’s Face Lift

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So I made some changes to the blog. Some of them, like the generic SF skyline header, might be obvious. Other changes might not be so obvious. For example, limited HTML is now allowed in comments. This means you can use various tags to format your comments and include links.


Also, nearly all TWIM posts addressing arguments relating to science, religion and society have been moved to a blog of their own. Posts on this new blog will still be alerted to the regular TWIM readership. In a similar vein, posts relating to my volunteer work with the city of Ventura have also been moved to a blog of their own, and if any readers wish to subscribe to this blog, they must do so independently as updates will not be alerted to the regular readership of TWIM.


Part of the reason for this is that I felt the arguments pertaining to science, religion and society will tend to overpower the theme of a blog. Although I enjoy such arguments, they are not the central focus of my writing, which is creative or intuitive and not singularly scholastic. A post about farts my seem out of place between posts debating the cogency of the various ontological arguments. Another reason is that I decided I wanted to begin including photographs and imagery in my posts. I refrained from doing so previously because I did not want to detract in any way from the arguments. The reader will notice the similar lack of visual imagery at the TowardsClarity site, which is to preserve focus upon the arguments. This is not to say that we don’t appreciate the talented Dale Dreiling, whose illustrations used to grace the columns of TWIM. Now that TWIM will include visual imagery, you’ll notice an "Art" category and you can expect to see lots of good artwork from all sorts of people.

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