Response To DD’s Interpreting Scripture

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I decided to create this impromptu post in the event anyone from the original thread wishes to continue rational discourse (Keyword: rational).


If an honest and intelligent person, for complex psychosocial reasons,
happens to fall into a belief system/worldview that is factually false,
there will be certain telltale signs of the inherent conflict between
his beliefs and real-world truth.

I agree, but don't you see at least a minor epistemological difficulty in claiming that I know your propositions are both reasonable and probable? That's a bad argument, DD, and it completely ignores my question to you, which was: "Do you have trouble imagining that an 0^3 God might do things differently than you would expect?" Also, do you agree or disagree that no Bible verse claims God should “show up in person to provide the correct interpretation” of scripture?


Looks like cl is avoiding answering questions over at:

Censorship that I cannot control does not entail avoidance. Rationalism is the foundation of healthy skepticism, and that means not jumping to conclusions.

If no-one can make any concrete statement about the nature of god, how do you determine if any statement made about god is false or true?

Determining the veracity of God claims depends on the statement in question. If you told me God was in the bathroom in person, I could easily determine whether that statement was true or false. If you told me God cured your cancer, that's a different story.

You also asked for my "truly reasoned implication" of the synoptic gospels and John. I think the writer of Hebrews actually summed it up best in the ninth chapter, verse 27: "Man is destined to die once and after that face judgment." Now, being rational, I can agree that facing judgment after death doesn't preclude God showing up to provide the correct interpretation of scripture, but don't you think it's reasonable to say the Bible suggests we shall face God after death?

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