The Secret Life Of Chaos

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Just a short one today: you heard of The Secret Life of Chaos yet?

If we say that "simple things give rise to biology and intelligence" then the premise that any designer God capable of designing MEST must be at least as complex as MEST seems fatally undermined. It is not required that explanations be at least as complex as the things they cause and reality contradicts that premise as well (TENS, Grand Canyon, etc.). If we deny the believer the luxury of defining God as "simple" we must either provide sufficient warrant for doing so, or stand rightly accused of special pleading. 

What do you think?

*MEST = matter, energy, space, time

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  1. I’ve never been particularly found of the argument from design…
    I will try and watch the YouTube later, but I think it is ceding too much to say “simple things give rise…”. Strong AI has largely failed, despite decades of research and tremendous processor power. It does not appear any closer today. And, of course, mud-to-man evolution is not repeatable…
    That said, there may be an argument from “cosmological fine tuning”. There is a post to that effect at the “He Lives” blog. Basically, the various forces and constants are in a narrow range that makes life possible. Any slight variation, and the universe would be all plasma or all black holes.

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