Open Thread For Hermes

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The stage is yours. Feel free to ask any question you'd like.

UPDATE: Though he's trying to force this discussion to take place at Luke's, Hermes has kicked it off with,

…to get things going, you might say your god is ‘all knowing, all powerful, and all good’ (an omnimax deity). If that is the case, I will provide details on why that is a self-refuting set of concepts, and thus not a real entity.

You want to debate some aspect about an "all knowing, all powerful, and all good" God? No problem. I'm ready whenever you are.


  1. Doug


    I’m looking forward to these details, too: thousands of years of intellectual exercise will finally be put to rest!

  2. cl


    Hi Doug!

    I’m looking forward to these details, too…

    Well, don’t hold your breath. Now Hermes is claiming that he wants to debate me at Luke’s, and isn’t willing to debate me here, because he wants to help Luke’s blog traffic. Exactly what that has to do with truth or intellectualism I don’t know, but what a joke, eh?
    However, in the interest of having a decent discussion with someone, I’m willing to answer any questions you might have, too.

  3. Dominic Saltarelli


    Ugh, omnimax… again? Why don’t I debate him instead, just for fun. I’ll put my ‘devil’s advocate’ hat on. Ouch, the irony, it hurts!

  4. Doug


    Thanks for the willingness, cl — I guess my irony was a bit too subtle? :-D

  5. cl


    No, I appreciated your irony. It came through loud and clear. I’d love to hear the almighty Hermes solve the problem, too. The problem is, he’s unwilling to debate me here. He says it’s because he wants to debate at Luke’s, so he can “add a few bricks to Luke’s castle.”
    Whatever. The less I hear from him, the better.
    Hold on, hold on, you need to know the backstory! I don’t really want to rewash the Problem of Evil, either!
    This was just an attempt to get a hater off my back. So far, it seems to have worked. So feel free to ignore this one, although, if Hermes mans up and provides these “details” maybe you’ll get your wish? ;)

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