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2011 is here, in full swing. I had a great year in 2010. If you didn’t, I hope this year will be better for you.

As is customary at year’s end around these parts, I’ve been questioning which direction to head in this new year. I’ve been blogging since May of 2007, and each year, I’ve striven for a different focus. In 2008 I spent most of my posts in rebuttal to arguments made on Daylight Atheism, before Ebonmuse banned me. In 2009, I wrote and debated almost exclusively about epistemology. In 2010, I decided to tackle morality since it was at that time my most underdeveloped area of argumentation, not to mention a topic of serious concern for many atheists. I spent almost the entire year of 2010 debating and writing about morality, desirism in particular. Frankly, I’m over it.

This year, I’m not sure what to focus on. I’m leaning towards a regiment that will explain more of what I actually believe, and why. I’m also leaning towards pieces that both believers and atheists can find uplifting or encouraging, for example, On Making A Living. The whole “let’s debate until the wheels fall off” thing has gotten tiresome. There’s a counter for everything, and people rarely change because of arguments. Besides, who cares if someone else on the internet is wrong? I mean, it’s only healthy to a certain degree. You know the old saying: there are none so blind as those who don’t wish to see.

Moreover, the whole “let’s debate until the wheels fall off” thing can tend to put one’s writing in the same old rut. I’m primarily a writer, not an apologist or debater. There is so much more that can be accomplished with writing. To constantly respond to atheists is to fight on their ground, and it can often obscure the true wealth behind one’s faith. Haven’t you noticed that atheist “arguments” tend to focus on the same parts of the Bible over and over again? Have you ever got the feeling that atheists are selective in their exegesis of Scripture, focusing only on those posts that offend their preconceptions and ignoring the rest completely? Do you get bored of the same old (a)theist same old? If you answered “yes” to any of those, you’re in good company.

Anyways, as far as this year, here’s what I’ve come up with:

1) I intend to finish the book reviews I started last year: The Atheist Afterlife by David Staume, and The Grand Design by Hawking and Mlodinow;

2) I intend to do a meta-analysis of threads I’ve participated on at Common Sense Atheism, which should work well because there are 52 of them which means I can do one analysis per week;

3) I intend to post more creative posts, for example, Timmy’s Last Nightmare or Twenty Bucks and a Full Tank of Gas.

#1 is an exercise in taking tasks to completion. I’m more of an “idea” or “creative” type which means I get lots of ideas but don’t always follow through on them. #2 is an exercise in objectivity and taking accountability for one’s arguments. In my experience, bloggers and commenters rarely take the time to scrutinize past arguments, but I have always gained much by doing so. I’ve said some pretty stupid things in a moment of frustration, and I would never know if I didn’t go back and look. #3 is an exercise in writing from the heart and writing for the sheer enjoyment thereof. In writing, as in life, myopia rarely helps.

Hardly anybody reads here, but I value those who do, and of them I ask: Is there anything in particular you’d like to hear? Any books you’d like to see reviewed? Any arguments you’d like to see treated? Any questions you’d like to ask a believer? In particular, what would you like to see more – or less – of? Are there any Christians who read here? If so, what would you like to hear?

Even one decent suggestion would suffice.


  1. Garren


    Continuing with book reviews might work out well for you. Maybe even try to read a whole lot of books on a particular subject area, e.g. views of the historical Jesus. Whatever tickles your fancy.

    I agree with not bothering with the Desirism thing, at least until the excuse of “wait until you hear what this great thing is really about” is unavailable.

    Oh, here’s a (possibly) fun idea: try to come up with new versions of common thought experiments in philosophy. I detest the trolley problem for — among other things — the fact that fat people don’t actually make trains stop on impact. Creative writing + an analytical view would be a real help.

  2. Matt


    I think your ability to dissect someone’s statement is more useful for published material than internet blog comments because those tend to be written in haste. I look forward to you finishing your book reviews. On a post a few months back you mentioned that you wanted to do a series on what the Bible actually says.

    I’ve been trying to do more research into that using tools of history rather than theology or devotional literature. It would be an interesting topic because many people just casually read the Bible and form off-the-cuff interpretations based on a one-time read through from their NIV.

  3. woodchuck64


    Keep the strong, articulate criticism of atheist arguments coming, on occasion. As an atheist, I find the hive-mentality encouraged by identifying strongly with atheist groups and/or blogs leads to much fallacy.

  4. tmp


    Well, since you seem to have a theistic perspective that I can actually understand, any material where that is relevant will be good. The discussion about concepts like objectivity has also been interesting and bettered my own thinking.

  5. jayman777


    Philosophy of mind

  6. Michael


    Hey cl, you don’t know me but i found your blog from your regular comments on CSA.
    To be honest, in 2010 I’ve found your comments and posts, esp on desirism, to be invaluable. I remember first reading the things on his website 2 years ago and being impressed by his sincerity and honesty, but i’ve found that the commenters on that website seem unwilling to directly question or challenge what he says and so he gets away with a lot of things, so i appreciate you standing up to that.

    i’d love for you to do a book review of “is God a moral monster?” by paul copan, and also a post or two on presuppositional apologetics and also classic utilitarianism.
    Thanks a lot, take care.

  7. I appreciate your comments over at CSA. I like what I see at your blog.

    Please do the analysis of your comments and interactions on CSA. I would love to see that, and I have put your blog inot my feed-reader.

  8. Anny


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