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I added a new feature to TWIM: Papers, a repository of scholarly articles I’ve come across while doing research for my posts. The link will be permanently available at the top of the blog via green tab above the banner. Summarized for convenience, each of the articles is in downloadable PDF format, and all of them are under 1MB. I encourage conversation on any or all of the papers, and comments are welcome Also, feel free to suggest other PDF articles, as I intend to keep adding to the list. I hope readers find the articles useful, and, as always, please let me know if any links break.


  1. Great idea, cl.
    Some interesting ones you’ve got there as well.

    Are there certain topics that you definitely want to have papers on, or certain topics you’re not really interested in?

  2. cl


    Thanks for stopping by.

    I’m not too picky, so long as the articles relate in some roundabout way to (a)theist debate. Even then, I’m willing to make exceptions. I would love to read more academic papers on art, as one example. If you have anything in mind, I’m more than willing to check it out.


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