WordPress Attacked, Again

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Hackers never relent. I’ve been unable to comment all afternoon, and I apologize if anybody else has experienced 504 errors or other anomalies related to the most recent scourge of DDoS attacks on WordPress. Fortunately, I back up my blog once a month or so, and I suspect things will be “back to normal” soon. Again, I apologize for any confusion and/or quandary.


  1. Franco


    Don’t worry, nobody gives a shit.

  2. cl


    You’re probably right, and I wasn’t thinking they were. I simply posted this because, in the past, I’ve had people accuse me of “censorship” when in reality something was wrong with WP. If people weren’t so presumptuous I wouldn’t have posted it at all.


  3. How often does this happen?

    Why do ‘hackers’ do this? I’ve never really understood this.

  4. Franco


    They do this simply for fun.

  5. cl


    Also to hone their skills. As for how often it happens, I have no idea. I know it’s happened to WordPress more than once, and I would imagine there are as many motives as there are hackers.

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