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I started a YouTube channel! Only fitting for an out-of-work screenwriter, right?

While I’m definitely not one of those people that scours YouTube for the funniest or most popular videos, I got bit by the muse after watching this bit of well-made propaganda from Tim Minchin. I realize that a great many people are on YouTube, and that amidst all the flame and mockery, some genuine (a)theist discussion goes on there. Sometimes, thousands if not millions of people see a video. There is really a tremendous potential for cross-marketing here. I thought, “Maybe I can make myself a few funny little videos, thereby attracting people into the ‘serious debate’ that goes on here?” I’ve definitely got some ideas brewing, and I think it would be fun to utilize a visual medium again. I love writing blog posts, but I miss writing TV and putting video together. So far, the only thing I’m fairly certain of is that I want my content to be fun. At least, the bulk of it. Also, I want it to be short and sweet. Thing is, I’m not exactly sure what to do in terms of content, and that’s where you come in.

Some of my ideas involve poking fun at various atheists, but if I do it, I want to do it in a way that remains respectful of their humanity, as opposed to the outright debasing that often accompanies that strategy. I’d want to be more like Bill Cosby than PZ Myers, if you catch my drift. Where does the line fall between tactful jesting and hurtful slander?

Can you point me to some (a)theism-related YouTube content you enjoyed or benefited from?

What types of content do you find persuasive or comedic?

What types of content do you find kitzche or annoying?

Is there anything (a)theism-related that you think YouTube lacks?


  1. Ana


    There’s an atheist on youtube who guys by the username “ NonStampCollector”, and the videos he makes are all essentially satires of Christianity. It’s significant to note how many views his videos get, so he is having influence. Of course, satire is no substitute for serious argument and objection, however, one can decipher what his criticisms of Christianity – if worded out in formal discussion or debate language – would be, by watching his videos. Phil Stilwell (who maintained that biblical redemption is logically incoherent) would probably be a fan of the NonStampCollector’s video “ A Conversation with Yahweh”

    As for intellectual content, consider the uploaded videos of the user “ProfMTH”, also an atheist, but I appreciate the thought provoking (though not free from bias, but that’s a flaw in all of us) nature of the videos of his that I have watched.

    Some Christian youtube recommendations are the upoloads of “muscikle”

    and also that of the “ Word on Fire” page. Personally one of my favorites.

    I also recommend reading the comments sections of videos, you see things from ireedeminably illogical to sophisticated comments, and everything in between. You might just stumble across something that inspires you to dedicate a blog post to it.

  2. Ana


    *um, there I go messing up again. The first link isn’t working, but at least the other three are. And a typo, I meant irredeemably.

  3. Crude


    I think you have the right idea. Poking fun would be ideal – and the key there is to not take atheists too seriously (Really, among the most prominent ones, there’s little reason to.)

    There’s already plenty of people who go after Dawkins and company with gusto, relying on force of logic, argument, or straight-up apologetics. But there’s a dearth of people who just have fun with it from a theistic perspective. I’d love to see you give it a try. (I don’t know your usual screenwriting credentials or anything, so I don’t know for sure what’s up your alley. Me, I’ve got no credentials, so take my advice with that in mind.)

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