Random Links & Snippets #4

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I have to admit I got a chuckle from the McGrews response to Luke Muehlhauser and John W. Loftus: “One of the hazards of writing technical philosophy is the risk that someone who lacks the appropriate expertise will attempt to critique it.” Of course, you can come to your own conclusions.

I found this handy: The Big Religion Comparison Chart.

A whole slew of articles on the free will debate, courtesy of Naturalism.org. Those I’ve read seem heavy on assertion and light on empirical evidence, but definitely worth a look if you’re interested in contemporary treatments of the issue. This is what inspired my post, On Galen Strawson’s Basic Argument.

Some common bugs that tend to plague writers. I’m definitely guilty of passive voice and abusing the colon on occasion!

Andy Walters wrote this article on atheism and objective morality.

Though the blog appears to be inactive, I enjoyed this post on whether or not one can choose to believe in God.

Jay-Z serves God and money.

From Stanford, a QM and free will essay.

I added a new term to the Terms page: faith.

Concise history of U.S. national mottos, very relevant to those “America is a Christian nation” discussions.

The Lemon Test, which you might find handy when engaging those virulent, anti-religion types who see infringement practically everywhere they look.

For drinkers [and that includes yours truly]: The Link Between Alcohol & Cancer.

This seems like an interesting book, one definitely not clouded by the current culture wars: God and the Natural World: Religion and Science in Antebellum America.

Old, but typical Dawkins.


  1. Garren


    I usually notify people whose writing I write about, mainly so they have a chance to object to being mischaracterized. Hasn’t happened yet.

  2. mattdest


    Hey, CL. I actually just wrote a post about QM and free-will. I’d be interested in hearing any thoughts you have about it. (I don’t know where you stand on the issue, actually.)


  3. JohnEvo


    My own contribution to the “random links”


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