The Hypocrisy Of PZ Myers & Team FTB

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So PZ Myers has responded to Thunderf00t via video!

In my opinion, Myers’ video perfectly illustrates his hypocrisy and anti-freethought spirit. For example, Myers tells us—dogmatically—that,

Faith and dogmatic religion are the enemy…

…but then, out the other side of his mouth, Myers tells us that “personal autonomy, equality and liberty” are central tenets of freethought. Okay, fair enough, but then he pays lip service to (and try not to laugh or puke when you read this),

…the right of the individual to live their lives on their own terms and to have an equal shot at all opportunities… race and sex and belief should not compromise one’s status in the world…

LOL! Yeah, sure PZ! Of course, the unspoken subtext is that this doesn’t apply if you believe in God, or if you even remotely challenge the consensus at “freethought” blogs. If you simply criticize a freethought blogger like Greta Christina or JT Eberhard in a way they don’t like, they’ll make sure your thoughts are anything but free. Not unlike the Church with Galileo, they’ll silence you in a heartbeat. Clearly, thinking is not free at “freethought” blogs. If you want to be treated with equality, you *MUST* be an atheist, you *MUST* show true faith to the Church of Scientism, and you *CANNOT* be a theist. PZ is utterly, irrevocably full of manure. But, on to the Thunderf00t fiasco.

The first reason Myers cites for canning Thunderf00t is because he used “frequent shifts into bold, italic and all-caps” in his writing! LOL! PZ cries that Team FTB were made to feel “uncomfortable” by Thunderf00t’s typographical preferences! Oh, the heathen Thunderf00t! I swear I’m not making this up! Go watch the video. PZ’s next complaint was Thunderf00t’s “style of argumentation.” Myers whines that Thunderf00t “provoked” responses from himself and Greta Christina—as if neither he nor Greta Christina are in any way responsible for their responses (the troll made us do it!). Myers says the principal reason for canning Thunderf00t was that Thunderf00t responded to objections from “freethought” bloggers by labelling them strawmen—but then Myers says,

It was bizarre and frustrating. [Thunderf00t] wants to claim the right to principal dissent from the plurality of views, but every time he gets called on it he runs and hides behind an army of excuses, of…

…wait for it,

…strawmen of his own invention.

Are you laughing or puking yet? PZ would have us believe Thunderf00t is this horrible bastard simply because he accuses Greta and PZ of strawman arguments, but then, Myers levels the exact same charge against Thunderf00t as the “principal reason” for firing him! Nah, not hypocritical in the least! Then, getting near the end of his video, Myers states,

There was only one reasonable conclusion. Thunderf00t was trolling freethought blogs… so we did what we always do to trolls. We kicked him out. It was the only rational thing to do.

LOL! Classic. Just, classic. The atheist troll police to the rescue. “Freethought” and “equality” PZ cries out one side of his mouth, but out the other he cries, “don’t criticize us or else we’ll kick you out!” Now, for the grand finale. Yes, this actually came from PZ Myers’ mouth:

We believe that reason and justice dictate that every person deserves equal treatment.

LOLOLOLOLOL! Unless, of course, those people happen to believe in God or criticize Myers’ and the rest of Team FTB. Then, they deserve censorship, insult and disparagement. Honestly folks, I haven’t facepalmed or laughed this hard in a while.

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