This Just Made Me Kinda Sad

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Heard about Google Glass yet? “The digital world at every moment!” they proudly proclaim. It makes me sad that with all the problems our world is facing, the most powerful companies in the world seems primarily concerned with turning out cooler and more convenient gadgets year after year. Two things: we need another flood, and I hope I die before there’s no natural humanity left.


  1. dale


    nope, not another deluge. next time the world will be cleansed by fire.

  2. cl


    I *KNEW* you would comment on this one… :)

  3. Google is an odd company to pick on, as they are generally renowned for their activism. Their commitment to influencing U.S. Public Policy in arenas of free-speech, competition and transparency is remarkable. Likewise, their commitment to education among young people and to recognize the underprivileged status of minorities are noteworthy.

    I may be biased, however, I love shiny new gadgets.

  4. cl


    Political activism wasn’t really what I had in mind, and I’m not saying or implying that they do *NO* good.

  5. I’m right there with you on this one, Cl. …Well, minus the flood part.

  6. (Though I do agree with Matt that Google isn’t the biggest “waste”, it is sad that billions more dollars are in shiny gadgets and not, say, eradicating diseases…)

  7. dale


    Hey…a thread where theists and atheists are pretty much agreeing, I LOVE IT!!!

  8. Thomas Knuckemyer


    Hahaha. You’re going to need a hell of a lot of hydrogen to make all that water. Or are we still pretending the earth is an air pocket sandwitched between “two seas” (Genesis 1:7)?

    Besides, didn’t your god make a magic rainbow as a promise to never flood again?

    I don’t blame you though, since that god guy is a real flake when it comes to keeing promises, such as in Exodus 33:2.

  9. Sonfaro


    Thomas Knuckemyer,

    I’m pretty sure if we melted both caps humanity would be screwed. Regardless, your biblical reading comprehension is… hilarious is the word I guess? Kinda sad too.

    1. You’re aware clouds are made of water right?

    2. You don’t need magic to represent something, like the promise never to wipe out a species with water. -_-

    3. That was a conditional promise. The Israelites failed on their end of the bargin.

    I get that you don’t believe or whatever… but could you at least try to be mature about it? Thanks.

    – Sonfaro

  10. d


    I dunno… Google Glasses (or some future piece of technology based on the idea) can potentially change the world. Just thinking of ways such tech could change our everyday lives makes me hopeful for the future.

    Then, that sort of stuff is contrasted with all the celebrity magazines spilling forth celebrity drama one is forced to see while standing in the grocery store line…. now that’s something to be depressed about.

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