Tidying Up The Codebase

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After a long hiatus I decided to tighten up the code. Out with the old, in with the new. Since the blog still gets traffic despite being dead I figured I could at least make things nicer for mobile and tablet readers. I still need to add the categories and some flair, but the basics are up-and-running. As far as blogging goes, during my year-long blog hiatus the main thing I kept hearing about was this Boghossian guy and his ideas about faith. It doesn’t surprise me that Loftus is pumping this guy up. It seems the outspoken atheists still mis-characterize faith as a “failed episemology” among other things. I think they’re conflating faith and revelation, personally, but more on that later. I just wanted to make sure things still work around here tech-wise before ramping up again.


  1. cl,
    I have a “Broken Link Checker” plugin on my WordPress sites that told me today that there are at least 8 broken links between my site and yours. I think most of these stem from the review you began of my book, where you were linking to th chapter you were reviewing. Will the links be repaired or will they remain permanently broken? (I asked because when they are broken I like to clean up on my end so that readers are not sent to dead links.)


    Mike Gantt

  2. cl


    Hi Mike, it’s been a while… the links should work again, let me know if they don’t. I tried to find them on your blog but I couldn’t remember what part they were at. I see you’re still doing daily articles, that’s great and takes a lot of dedication!

  3. cl,

    One of my readers asked me if you had any plans to continue and complete your review of my book. What should I say?

  4. cl


    Hi Mike!

    I don’t have any plans for any blogging endeavors currently, but you can always invite them to come here and chat, and if my lack of plans changes I will let you know for sure!

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