Correction To Yesterday’s Post

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It appears I made a legitimate blunder in yesterday's post by overlooking part of DD's exposition that actually did equate A with B.

Good catch, Arthur – apologies, DD – and I'll have to retract point 1) from the arguments!

However, such is only a minor battle. I still feel points 2) and 3) stand, and I still feel the charge of post hoc reasoning doesn't stick.

New Potrero Del Sol Skatepark Opens July 4th

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*recently appeared in the Potrero View.

Correction: As of 6-20, the proposed opening of the park is June 28th. I apologize for any confusion. July 4th was the ‘official’ date given when I inquired in May.


San Francisco’s second public skateboard facility is set to open July 4th at Potrero Del Sol Park, located at 25th and Utah streets in the southeast outskirts of the City’s historic Mission District. The skatepark will be a much-needed relief to local skaters tired of dodging traffic, thugs and broken glass at the usual street spots, while local food, gas and convenience item retailers can expect at least modest revenue spurts, especially in summertime and on weekends.

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