The Ecologist: October 2005

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Every now and again I go on organizing and cleaning sprees. You know, rifling through old drawers, discarding rarely-used items and just taking a general inventory of everything I own (which isn’t much these days). Whenever I do this, I inevitably find some old magazine or newspaper clippings that I saved for blogging inspiration. That’s what today’s short post is all about.

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On Global Warming

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No pun intended, but global warming is a pretty hot issue right now. I heard one statistic that said the ten hottest years in recorded history have all occurred within the last 14 years. For the sake of brevity, I'm not going to even attempt to go into detail on any of this, but I am fired up on one particular aspect that I do want to rant about right now.

First off I need to make my fundamental belief on the environment known and that is this: including you, the reader, and myself, the author, every human being living in a techno-industrial society is culpable in global warming and the destruction of nature to one degree or another.

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