Blog Update: Comments Now Editable

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Commenters now have the options to edit their comment, or request deletion. I haven’t prettied it up yet, but you should notice blue links underneath your comment allowing for both of these features. In the future I will probably cut the “request deletion” option, leaving only the ability to edit. The out-of-the-box editing interface is horribly ugly, and not very intuitive in that it doesn’t automatically reroute to the thread in question. I’ll try fidgeting around with it to make things more seamless, and if it works, we’ll keep it. For now just know you can edit comments after posting them, and beware of the interface!

The Obligatory Bloody Nose

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Many years back when I was not yet in high school, I used to get in fights with my cousin every so often. Since we were young, they were never really real fights, more like little skirmishes that most similar-age family members can identify with to one extent or another. I mean yeah, we got physical, but it was usually just your average preteen headlock with a few wild punches thing. The obligatory bloody nose was the worst it ever got.

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TWIM On YouTube

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I started a YouTube channel! Only fitting for an out-of-work screenwriter, right?

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About Page: First Draft

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A while back, a commenter wrote me asking for a basic outline of my support for what I believe. I replied that my index page was basically it. Recently, a few commenters asked if I had an “about” page that outlined some of my basic beliefs. I promised that I would get one out in “a week or so,” but here we are several weeks later. Eh, well… nobody’s perfect. Nonetheless, my first draft is below the fold, and I welcome your feedback. Though a good start, and a piece I enjoyed writing, I don’t think it’s sufficient, and probably too long, so I’m asking you, dear reader, to tell me what you would find most helpful in a page like this.

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WordPress Attacked, Again

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Hackers never relent. I’ve been unable to comment all afternoon, and I apologize if anybody else has experienced 504 errors or other anomalies related to the most recent scourge of DDoS attacks on WordPress. Fortunately, I back up my blog once a month or so, and I suspect things will be “back to normal” soon. Again, I apologize for any confusion and/or quandary.

New Feature: Papers

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I added a new feature to TWIM: Papers, a repository of scholarly articles I’ve come across while doing research for my posts. The link will be permanently available at the top of the blog via green tab above the banner. Summarized for convenience, each of the articles is in downloadable PDF format, and all of them are under 1MB. I encourage conversation on any or all of the papers, and comments are welcome Also, feel free to suggest other PDF articles, as I intend to keep adding to the list. I hope readers find the articles useful, and, as always, please let me know if any links break.

The Science Of Morality: Luke Muehlhauser Responds With A Personal Attack!

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I kid you not, in no less than twenty minutes of posting my critique of his speech, Luke Muehlhauser fired off two admittedly hurried responses here and here, the former of which contains a personal attack. He labeled me a “troll” when all I did was write a critique of his speech on my own blog! Do those sound like acts a person with a desire for careful and rigorous philosophy would perform? To contrast, I took two hours crafting my critique, let it settle for three more, and then proofread it three times. Nonetheless, let’s see if we can refute some or all of Luke’s claims without resorting to the unprofessional insults and distortions he’s growing unusually fond of.

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