The Importance of Reasoned Skepticism

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Isn’t it weird that so many self-proclaimed “skeptics” and “freethinkers” seem so self-assured of everything they believe in, just like the “ignorant Christians” they spend so much time attacking? “Question authority,” they proclaim out one side of their mouth, while vomiting rigid and sometimes archaic scientific formulae out the other. “Think freely” they bark, only to chastise those who don’t live up to their (often contradictory) standards. In practical experience, very few atheists actually seem willing to question or think freely, when it really gets down to it. Just like true believers, atheists hold to plot points on a narrative–only their’s is backed up by evidence and reality (at least in their own minds). We’ve heard it all before, right?

Rather than rehash the obvious, let’s take a different approach.

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Lack Of Love For Man: Serious Trouble!

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May we all take this to heart:

“A serious trouble with many who are engaged in Christian work is their lack of love for man, their lack of esteem for man, their failure to realize the value of man in God’s sight… God is the Creator of all men, and no person is fit to be His servant who dislikes or despises any one of them.”

—Watchman Nee, The Normal Christian Worker, pp. 33-34