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Orthodox Theological Resources

At its core, Orthodoxy is not primarily an intellectual exercise in theology, but a way of prayerful, heartfelt, repentant practice that must be lived and experienced in one's daily walk with the Lord. That said, proper theology plays an indispensable role in the Orthodox life, especially for inquirers, catechumens and converts seeking to understand the differences between Orthodoxy and other traditions. The Orthodox faithful should also have a solid understanding of the basics in order to refute the pernicious heresies that grow daily. May the following resources help these efforts.

Inquirers / Catechumens
Orthodox Teaching on Salvation Pt. 1

An in-depth introduction to Orthodox basics such as universal atonement, theosis and much more, by Dcn Victor E. Klimenko, Ph.D

Orthodox Teaching on Salvation Pt. 2

Dcn Klimenko returns to discuss distinctly western concepts of original sin, scholasticism, and penal atonement theory.

Orthodox Teaching on the Free Will of Man

The Imago Dei signifies man's free will, his reason, and his sense of moral responsibility.

Rock & Sand Pt. 1

Fr Josiah Trenham outlines basic aspects of the Orthodox faith and how they contrast to other traditions.

Rock & Sand Pt. 2

Fr Josiah Trenham returns to explain more basic Orthodox tenets in contrast to reformed doctrines.

Why Should A Protestant Consider the Orthodox Church?

Fr Josiah Trenham gives reasons, arguments and historical evidence for the authenticity of the Orthodox Church.

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Saints, Fathers
St. John Maximovitch
Fr. Seraphim Rose
De-Mystifying the Vaccine for Coronavirus

Interesting article by Hagiorite Monk Paul, MD Molecular Biology and Biomedicine, from Vouleftiria on the Holy Mountain

Liturgy, Service
List of Akathists

List of Akathists, Canons and Services
Orthodox Liturgical Texts and Resources

Most of the translations used in the texts located on this site are from those published by Fr. Lawrence of Jordanville, NY, or from St. John of Kronstadt Press. Links to multiple languages including German, French, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Romanian, Slavonic, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish.

A Practical Guide to the Worship of the Orthodox Church

PDF by Fr. Andrew with basic information about Orthodox worship. Topics include the layout of an Orthodox Temple, the Orthodox cycle of services, Divine Liturgy, Feasts and Fasts, the Divine Mysteries, and more.

Significance of the Typicon

By Fr. Seraphim Rose

Orthodox Resources
Orthodox Life Magazine

Scans and transcriptions of the periodical "Orthodox Life" published by Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, between the years 1950 and 1999

Patrologia Graeca (PG)

Link to the Patrologia Graeca in Greek (Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Series Graeca) in downloadable PDF form.

Orthodox Talks by Priestmonk Kosmas

Link to the Orthodox Monastery of the Archangel Michael (ROCOR), cofounded by Hieromonk Kosmas and Hieromonk Justin. Over 300 hours of audio homilies on a wide range of Orthodox subjects. Also on YouTube.

Interfaith Calendar

So-called "interfaith calendar" which, interestingly, ends in 2030, with no attribution of authorship or ownership just a link to Pew Forum on Religions and Public Life, under the mantra of "Serving the global community." The philosophy of "materialism" is actually included as a religion!

Ecumenism: A Path to Perdition

Online publication of the work by Ludmila Perepiolkina, not checked against the original.

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Prayer in the Heart in a World of Distractions

Abbess Victoria from the St. Barbara Monastery discusses prayer of the heart in modern times, with an emphasis on the goal of prayer, which is union with God. Other topics include the dangers of unsupervised prayer of the heart, the differences between group and individual prayer, how to deal with distractions, and encouraging prayer with children.

Confession of Dositheus

The Orthodox Church officially condemned many reformed doctrines at the Council of Jerusalem in 1672

Myth of the Calvinist Patriarch

An answer to the common Protestant claim that Orthodoxy approved the various reformed doctrines

Reconsidering TULIP

A short series of arguments by Alexander J. Renault, an evangelical turned Calvinist who converted to Orthodoxy

Why the Orthodox Reject Total Depravity

The first answer in this thread is a summary of Renault's arguments in his chapter on Total Depravity from Reconsidering TULIP, linked above

Plucking the TULIP Pt. 1
Plucking the TULIP Pt. 2
Ex-Calvinist on Total Depravity
Does John 6:44 Teach Predestination?

The reformed interpretation of John 6:44 as teaching predestination holds up only if one isolates this verse to the exclusion of the overall context of John 6.

Free Will & Grace in the Early Church Fathers (PDF)

An appraisal of the patristic views on free will and grace, contrasted with the standard Calvinist interpretation

Predestination and the Gnostic Connection

Blog post sketching the general connections between Gnosticism and the various reformed doctrines

St Gregory of Nyssa on the Atonement (PDF)

An appraisal of the Cappadocian understanding of the atonement by A.S. Dunstone, (MA, BA)

St Irenaeus on the Atonement (PDF)

Scholarly paper by John I. Hochban, (SJ) exploring second-century views of the atonement expressed by St Irenaeus

St Irenaeus of Lyons on Christus Victor

Introductory article on the Christus Victor view of the atonement expressed by St Irenaeus

Scope of the Atonement in the Early Church Fathers

Article by Christopher T. Bounds from the Wesleyan Theological Journal, Vol. 47 No. 2, Fall 2012

On Limited Atonement

Historical powerhouses Philip Schaff and Jurislov Pelikan discuss the patristic consensus on the universality of the atonement

On The Five Solas
Jay Dyer on Sola Scriptura
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Contra Atheism

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Misc. Resources


Diocese of Etna & Portland
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