Hugo Meynell On Miracles

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From Victor Reppert’s Miracles and the Case for Theism:

According to Hugo Meynell, if evidence for an event stands up to impartial scrutiny, if it continues to resist explanation in terms of the ordinary laws of nature, and if it coheres with a religious system’s claims about the activities and promises of God, then it can reasonable be called miraculous, and can form part of a case for theism. [p.14]

This is exactly what I see happening on multiple fronts, e.g. the growing body of literature on NDE’s, to name just one line of evidence that anybody with access to research tools can investigate for themselves. Along similar lines, while it doesn’t directly cohere with any religious claim about the activities and promises of God that I’m aware of, the Hyman-Honorton Joint Communiqué affirms phenomena that resist explanation in terms of ordinary laws of nature. The evidence is all around us–for those who haven’t closed their minds, that is.