Indian Giver?

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Hello all, sorry I’ve been out all week. Sometimes I’m in a rut where thoughts just keep coming and I actually want to write a daily post. Other times, burnout ensues, the muse rests, or life in the real world calls, and I don’t post for a week or more (semi-regular TWIM readers are probably familiar with my sporadic blogging style, but I figured I’d explain myself for new readers). I realize “blogging experts” suggest daily posts to maximize traffic, but that strategy seems geared to bloggers who value traffic over genuine inspiration–and I’m not one of them. Why force creativity? If I don’t have anything to say, I’m not going to waste our time. Nonetheless, I assure you I’ll be catching up on the many thought-provoking comments left as of late, and I want to thank everybody for their participation. Today, I just wanted to post a quick something related to language.

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