Hitler Was Anti-YHWH

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For some, the message of today’s short post doesn’t need restating. I apologize for wasting their time. However, I’m always amused when people trot out the “Hitler was a Christian,” or “Hitler was a Catholic” tropes. These are just as inaccurate as the “Hitler was an atheist” trope. Such canned statements show ignorance of history and naïveté in general. It behooves any powerful leader to pander to the religious ebb and flow of his day. Constantine did it, and the Roman Catholic Church was the result. Remember the photos of Bush 43 donning a Kipa and praying at the Wall? Hitler used religion. He tried to destroy mainstream churches. Jews weren’t the only ones consigned to concentration camps: priests, nuns and Jehovah’s Witness were, too. Hitler youth were indoctrinated in blasphemy from the ground up. Consider the following “children of Hitler” chant from the 1934 Nuremburg Party rally:

No evil priest can prevent us from feeling that we are the children of Hitler. We follow not Christ but Horst Wessel. Away with incense and holy water. The church can go hang for all we care. The swastika brings salvation on Earth. (Grunberger, The 12-Year Reich, p.442)

There was a Nazi rendition of “Silent Night” that was mandatory in state-run orphanages. The Nazis also had their own marriage and baptismal rites. This was anti-YHWH pagan occultism, plain and simple. Next time you hear somebody trot out the tropes, educate them.

Farewell To The Bush Regime

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Dr. Lawrence Britt is a political scientist who published extensive research on the phenomenon of fascism, based among other things off of his detailed studies of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Suharto and several Latin American regimes. He identified 14 characteristics shared by fascist states, and to commemorate the end of the Bush regime, I thought I would share them with you. It's absolutely frightening to see how many of them apply directly to America, today, and when I use the phrase "end of the Bush regime", it is certainly with a grain of salt, perhaps even the entire shaker.

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